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Dog Lover Gifts From Tiny Beast Designs

Meet Megan , The Founder of Tiny Beast Designs

Laura: First things first, tell me about your business? What do you create and who do you create it for?

Megan: I create t-shirts and other clothing for people who love dogs. Dogs bring so much joy and happiness to our lives, and my products are aimed at people who want to celebrate their positive influence on us.

Laura: How did you first get started in your industry?

Megan: I had been wanting to start a business for quite a while, but I couldn’t decide what I wanted to focus on.

After I had adopted my two rescue dogs, it just hit me one day how much they had changed my life for the better and how much I wanted to celebrate them.

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Laura: What is one thing you want people to know about you, that they may not already know?

Megan: I’m not just a dog lover, I’m kind of a huge nerd who loves games of all kinds and science fiction!

Laura: What do you struggle with most when it comes to running your own business?

Megan: Finding enough to get everything done! I have a day job as well, and I have so many ideas for my business, but I don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done.

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Laura: What is one thing that comes really easy for you?

Megan: I love challenging myself by learning something new, whether it’s online marketing, SEO for my website, or a new piece of software. There are so many opportunities to learn and grow when you’re running your own business!

Laura:  What aspect of your business is the most rewarding?

Megan: I really love when my customers tell me how much they love my shirts and how they put a smile on their face.

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Laura: How do you manage the stress and overwhelm of running your own business?

Megan: I have two rescue mutts who are great for stress relief as they’re always keeping me laughing. They’re also fierce cuddle monsters. If I’m feeling stressed, I usually pet them, play fetch with them, or take them on a walk.

Laura:  Who influences or inspires you the most in regards to your industry?

Megan: My biggest inspiration for my brand is my two dogs! I call them my muses. I also named my brand after them. They may be small, but they have mighty personalities, so I call them the “tiny beasts.”

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Laura:  You have “a worthy brand,” I can see that, but why do you feel your brand is worthy? How do you remind yourself of your worth to continue building your business each day, how do you remind yourself, you are worth it!

Megan: T-shirts might seem like such an ordinary item, but for a lot of people, it has become a form of self-expression, a way to show the world who they are, what they love, and what they stand for.

I aim to design unique t-shirts, ones that you can’t find in an ordinary brick-and-mortar store, that let people express themselves in their everyday life.

Laura: And last… if you could give new or struggling entrepreneurs one piece of advice, what would it be?

Megan: You’re not alone out there! There are so many entrepreneurs connecting on the internet these days, and I guarantee someone else has been in the exact same situation. Don’t be afraid to reach out and try to find those helping hands.

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Photography By Megan Ginter

As a dog lover myself, I’m so happy to share Megan and Tiny Beast Designs with you all! Add in the fact that she has rescue dogs and I’m completely obsessed. She has SO many cute items for the dog lover in your life, so make sure to take the time to check out Megan’s shop!

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