You Are Why I Do What I DO

How you helped A Worthy Brand become a reality

“Made to empower the wearer and make her feel special, A Worthy Brand crafts good karma jewelry for women everywhere.”

~Laura Michael
A Worthy Brand Founder

Once upon a time, believe it or not, I was totally lacking self-worth. I never felt heard, I never felt seen; it was a vicious ride that I couldn’t get off.

My life may be different now, but I always honor that painful era. It’s made me the woman I am today, it shaped my heart, my soul and spirit. 

When I launched A Worthy Brand, my intention was to offer jewelry that gave women voices – little talismans that meant something significant; precious amulets made to empower. 

I wanted each piece…

To remind a woman why she’s worthy, to celebrate her “work in progress”. My jewelry makes you look better, feel better, and gives you a sense of interconnectedness. 

When you wear A Worthy Brand…

You share a kinship with the sisterhood – women like you who felt like they didn’t have a voice at times, but are on the path to a life less ordinary.

My signature collection: A Worthy Woman…

Features real women wearing each piece. If you’d like to appear in our blog or have a jewelry item named after you, just get in touch – I’d love to e-meet! 

What’s more…

You’ll receive extra karmic and feel-good points with every piece you buy. A Worthy Brand helps empower females by throwing monthly giveaways for a chance at owning an A Worthy Brand piece

Please remember…

You always have a voice, even if you haven’t found it yet. Sometimes, the greatest challenges and difficulties in life is wisdom disguised – it’s a gift. 

xo Laura

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