“Creative blocks also can make me want to quit everything but then an idea comes and I have to bring it to life! But that’s the mental cycle of an entrepreneur/artist for ya!”

“Not only finding our self worth but BELIEVING it, is the hardest thing even in the midst of starting my very own business.  I mean this alone makes me a worthy woman.”
Blueberry Hill Design Works

 “I work hard at giving young women a voice.  I model and teach being strong, but understanding – your opponents are other people like you, who love field hockey, they just have a different color uniform on.  

Silver Mane Consulting

“I have seen first-hand how personal style can change the way a woman thinks about herself, giving her the confidence to succeed in whatever it is she chooses. And yes, personal style has that capability.”

Henlia Handmade

 “Designing pretty yarn that helps make the world a more beautiful place while also helping knitters feel good (knitting is definitely self-care)…that makes me feel REALLY good.”

Catch The Fire Worship Flags

“An entrepreneur gave that advice to me when I was 24 and it’s been the best way for me to focus. I don’t have to it all. I just have to do the next thing.”

Joy Love Paper Company

“By helping others connect, I connect to my customers and it’s wonderful! I am happy to be even a tiny little piece of spreading more happiness in this world.”

Bailee Photography

“It’s really special getting to create something that showcases a persons beauty or product in a piece that they can be proud of and excited about.”

Unique Handcrafted Jewelry

“Inspiration comes in many forms and sometimes when you least expect it. I am inspired by fellow makers, by the metal clay artist whose class I took.”

Bridgette Hart

“Our business was built around the desire to encourage women to have the courage to pursue their dreams, to think positively, and to have fun everyday. “

“They feel special and unique. I remind myself each day to keep positive, stay true to myself, stay true to my message that everyone deserves to feel special and unique. I am worth all my hard work.”

“I am a part of a couple pretty strong potter communities on Facebook and the sheer volume of new ideas and gorgeous styles inspire me to create daily.”

“While there are many out there promoting healthy lifestyles and whole foods, very few are promoting healthy self-care products, cosmetics and environmental influence.”

Nevi's Paintings Shop

“Painting helps you to manage stress. So, I’m lucky in that the very work I do relaxes me. It means that whenever I feel stressed about my business, I’m compelled to keep working on it!”

“I am an elementary school counselor by day and jewelry designer by night! I combine my passion for education with creativity by donating 10% of proceeds to local public schools – “beads supporting kids to read and succeed.”

“Don’t get discouraged when you come up with an idea and then see some one else is doing it. All of us come from one and that is the beauty of it and the reason that sometimes we have the same ideas.”

“It’s about giving women the tools and techniques to live authentically. By not working on my business every day or forgetting my value, I’m keeping these women I love so much from reaching higher levels.”

“I create abstract paintings and functional art products using epoxy resin and mixed media. Each piece is handmade and unique. My functional art collection includes one of a kind resin containers, coasters and home decor products.”
Doodle Daisy Shop

“I see my brand as worthy because of the message that I am trying to convey with my brand.  Planting the seeds of wonder & curiosity in the great minds of the future. To inspire kids to become dreamers.”

Dog Lover Gifts From Tiny Beast Designs
Tiny Beast Designs

“I create t-shirts and other clothing for people who love dogs.  Dogs bring so much joy and happiness to our lives, and my products are aimed at people who want to celebrate their positive influence on us.”


“I wanted to bring together my origins and abilities to the world and share an elegant, yet modern collections, that could be made of rough things, like tiles and cork.”

Handmade Product Photography
Handmade Product Photography

“As a handmade seller myself I knew what sellers were up against running their shops alone. With concern for the livelihood of the seller I felt a calling to simplify the process to prevent unnecessary overwhelm.”

Team Manticore
Team Manticore

“I love that our plush toys can bring comfort to all ages, and that warm feeling people get when they know we’re donating 20% of those proceeds to a good cause.”

Momo's Secrets

“Seeing how extremely satisfied customers are and the new uses they find for Simply Magic. This fills my heart and makes me see the difference my product is making in the lives around America.”

From Ambrz Art
Ambrz Art

“From sun catchers I call “Window Jewelry” to one of a kind hanging decorations & wall art, each piece is unique, signed, & sure to be a conversation starter; from locally recycled copper, steel, my fused glass pieces & sometimes beach finds.”

Luxurious, Hand Crocheted Dog Goods

“Always listen to your customers as they are the main product users. Ask them additional questions on how they found you, what they like and what they would improve. The more you do that, the better your brand will become.”

Sue, Founder of The Rodeo Girls
Rodeo Girls

“I am very proud of myself for building the RODEO GIRLS business from the ground up. I have support groups who are always encouraging me, buying my stuff, and telling me how talented I am.”

Sheer Joy Scents

“I aim to bring inspiration and encouragement to our customers.
With each and every sale it is just like a hug and a confirmation that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. They are my confidence builders!”


“I sometimes scroll through my Instagram account and look at all my collections over time reminding myself how far I have come and so many things I have accomplished being in business a little bit over 3 years.”