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Meet Andrea, The Founder Of Catch Fire Worship Flags

Laura: First things first, tell me about your business? What do you create and who do you create it for?

Andrea: I serve a niche market, providing worship flags for worshippers who love God and want to express their devotion in movement and color. Our worship flags help them express what words alone can’t say.

When someone doesn’t know anything about worship flags, I tell them it’s like color guard, but for church. 😉

Laura: How did you first get started in your industry?

Andrea: It was by accident.  I grew up attending church, but I have a terrible singing voice so I always felt a little left out during worship.

Instead, I would close my eyes and “see” floating colors. I thought it was an overactive imagination until I attended a church and saw worship flags for the first time in my life. I was 35.

Feeling very inhibited about dance (I was never very coordinated and I gravitated toward making things instead of being physically active), I made a pair of worship flags for myself and started using them in private. At the same time, I have a growing passion to financially support causes that I was passionate about.

The problem is that our household budget didn’t allow for any extra giving, so I decided to try selling worship flags. That was in 2011, and I’ve been growing ever since.

Laura: What is one thing you want people to know about you, that they may not already know?

Andrea: I have synesthesia, it’s a perceptual phenomenon where I “see” sounds as colors. It’s made the creative process a lot of fun.  Each color combination that I put together to create a worship flag is like a statement. It says something.

Laura: What do you struggle with most when it comes to running your own business?

Andrea: As a solo entrepreneur, time management is always a struggle. Thankfully I don’t have little children anymore because I work 60 hours a week on my business.  Everything is my responsibility, from production to shipping to social media, accounting, and marketing.

There are a lot of tasks that I don’t like… namely working out the details.  I wish I could just be the “ideas” person and work on marketing… that would be ideal but it doesn’t work like that. You have to do it all until you are earning enough money to be able to outsource some of those tasks.

Laura: What is one thing that comes really easy for you?

Andrea: Marketing, and creating ideas to make money. I also love writing sales copy.

Laura: What aspect of your business is the most rewarding?
Andrea: The community that has been built around the business is amazing. They are an amazing bunch of [mostly] women and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of them in person.
The heart to heart connection is real. Also, since the inception of the business (in 2011) to support causes I’m passionate about, we’ve given away over $100K. That’s something I’m really proud of.


Laura: How do you manage the stress and overwhelm of running your own business?

Andrea: I have an amazing husband who thinks I’m better than I am and I have his support all the time. He makes most of the meals and we’ve hired a house cleaner which helps alleviate some of the guilt I have for not being able to have time to do it all.

I also have an amazing online community (that’s turned into face to face connection) of other female entrepreneurs. We “get” each other and on days when I complain, they remind me why I’m doing what I’m doing.

Laura: Who influences or inspires you the most in regards to your industry?

Andrea: It sounds cliche but I’m inspired by the worshippers who buy from me. It’s such a niche industry and market. I know most of my competitors and I would say we have great relationships.

Laura: You have “a worthy brand,” I can see that, but why do you feel your brand is worthy? How do you remind yourself of your worth to continue building you business each day, how do you remind yourself, you are worth it!

Andrea: I have a vision for the business that is lightyears beyond what I can do on my own. The desire to transform communities and do more than give a few dollars here and there started about 4 years after I started my business.

I’m quietly and diligently working on a partnership to build a vocational school in Uganda that will teach skills for men and women to learn so that they can make a living. It’s humanitarian entrepreneurship.

When I am frustrated by my daily work and routine and by the challenges I face, I remember that the goal is to create a legacy and transform communities. I’m working for something much, much bigger than myself.

Laura: And last… if you could give new or struggling entrepreneurs one piece of advice, what would it be?

Andrea: When you don’t know what to do, do the next thing. It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed because you have to do it all. The enormity of all the tasks can immobilize you (at least it did for me).  An entrepreneur gave that advice to me when I was 24 and it’s been the best way for me to focus. I don’t have to it all… I just have to do the next thing.

Photography by Tamea Burd & Tyler Simieon

Andrea’s success is proof that the riches are in the niches.  Her philanthrophy work is an inspiration and she has clearly found what’s important to her customers. 

Thank you for sharing your story with us!

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