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Meet Victoria, The Founder Of

Laura:  First things first, how do you like to be categorized or what would you like to be called, in regards to what you do?
Vik: Photographer, fashion + beauty blogger and creative
Laura: How did you first get started in the industry?
Vik: There are no fashion related opportunities where I lived so I created my own by starting a blog. I started by finding fashion shows to volunteer at on Craigslist and models to test shoot with the camera I took from my Dad.
Then one day I discovered blogging and turned my photography website into a personal blog. I’ve learned so much by just putting myself out there. Being consistent has steadily opened up opportunities!
Laura: What is one thing you want people to know about you, that they may not already know?
Vik: I sing everyday and every second that I am alone. I was in choir all of high school and my voice is still my favorite instrument to practice!
Although I am not as brave to perform in front of people now as I was then! I keep that gift for myself now a days.
Laura: What do you struggle with the most?
Vik: When you are chasing a dream no one can see but you, backhanded comments or confusion about what your doing can hurt. Feeling like people close to me don’t support or believe in my creative pursuits can get to me but it also motivates me.
Creative blocks also can make me want to quit everything but then an idea comes and I have to bring it to life! But that’s the mental cycle of an entrepreneur/ artist for ya! 
Laura: What is one thing that comes really easy to you? 
Vik: Being independent. From solo road trips, attending events alone, running my business. I’m not afraid to step out on my own. I have total faith in myself. 
Laura: When was the first time you picked up a camera?
Vik: My earliest memory is taking a disposable camera to middle school! I loooooved ( and still do) disposable film and taking polaroids!
My first time directing, styling and shooting a model was in high school. My dad filmed and photographed my whole childhood so being I front of the camera is very comfortable for me too.
Laura: Who influences or inspires you the most in regards to fashion?
Vik: I consume EVERYTHINGGGGG! I’m influenced by rockstars like Karen O, print media like Elle magazine and Disfunkshion. Other bloggers like Gabi Gregg and Tezza inspire me. My eyes are always open for new ideas.
Ultimately my personal style choices, what I choose to buy and wear, have been influenced by the planet. Cutting out fast fashion and supporting small brands with positive practices is a huge influence.
Laura: What is your first or favorite jewelry memory?
Vik: My mom would always ask me if I was going to put on earrings for school. Which I would reply NO! with an attitude but she won in the end. I feel naked without earrings and they are now my favorite accessory!
Laura: I can list why I believe you are a “worthy woman” but I want to hear it from you. What makes you worthy? 
Vik: Oh no, I am not good at talking about myself like this! I definitely feel like a worthy woman and I would say that is due to a lot of self work. I am worthy simply because I embrace my worth. 
Laura: And last…if you could tell your 13 year old self one thing, what would you tell her?
Vik: I wish I could tell her where I am now more than anything! That the world is conspiring in your favor. Love yourself. Start where you are. Don’t worry, you make it out of the small town. You get closer to your dreams than you think possible. You are resilient!
P.S. take a sewing class and wear SPF 

Photography by Victoria Margarita

Now you can see why I call her the new triple threat.  She does “all the things” and well.

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