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Transformations From The Outside In


Meet Silver Mane Consulting's founder, Demechi Lipke

Laura: First things first, tell me about your business? What do you create and who do you create it for?

Demechi: My business is Silver Mane Consulting and we help women make lasting first impressions by transformations from the outside, in. What does that even mean?

I have seen first-hand how personal style can change the way a woman thinks about herself, giving her the confidence to succeed in whatever it is she chooses. And yes, personal style has that capability.

We offer solutions by assisting women with everything from body shape analysis to full makeovers (and everything in between) to create a perfect wardrobe specialized to them while maximizing outfit possibilities for every aspect of their lives, all while being comfortable and looking the cutest they can be.

Laura: How did you first get started in your industry?

Demechi: I think I’ve actually been in this industry my entire life. I’ve helped style family and friends in my early teens and I never dreamed that THIS could actually be a career!

I’ve done a little bit of everything through the years and can see where each path has ultimately landed me exactly where I am today.

Laura: What is one thing you want people to know about you, that they may not already know?

Demechi: Oh good question. I’m pretty much an open book so if you know me, then you KNOW me. But for those who don’t, I’m an optimistic gal who can usually always find that ray of sunshine in the direst of situations.

I don’t believe in coincidences. Everything happens for a reason. It’s our job to find the reason behind those occurrences and learn the lessons we’re meant to learn.

Laura: What do you struggle with most when it comes to running your own business?

Demechi: Marketing without a doubt. I’ve never been one to easily ‘put myself out there’ so that will be a position I’ll be looking to fill!

Laura: What is one thing that comes really easy for you?

Demechi: Building relationships and styling. I love to meet people and hear about their stories and styling is like a puzzle for me to put together. Did I mention I LOVE puzzles?

Laura: What aspect of your business is the most rewarding?

Demechi: When I work with women through a solution, their excitement about the process and the information they receive, it’s like giving them back their power so to speak. And the confidence they start to feel sometimes for the very first time. THAT is the most rewarding for me!

Laura: How do you manage the stress and overwhelm of running your own business?

Demechi: That’s really the beauty of loving what you do because there’s less stress involved. But in the occasional stressful moments, I take a step back, sometimes a few moments, hours, or even a day to reconnect.

Reconnecting usually involves meditation, curling up with a good book, taking a walk with my fur babies, spending time with my husband (usually in nature) and sometimes, it’s just a day roaming around in retail shops looking at all the pretties! (Definitely one of my faves!)

Laura: Who influences or inspires you the most in regards to your industry?

Demechi: I get inspiration from so many in this industry. However, my greatest influencer was Virginia Walker, my grandmother!

She was a seamstress who also performed alterations for Singer and was her main career. Oh and the outfits she created from designing the pattern to the finished product were absolutely gorgeous!

I was 5 when she gave me a pair of scissors and showed me how to cut out a pattern (ones she designed and drew) from newspaper. I have so many fond memories of her.

One of my favorites was when she actually started letting me sew at her sewing machine. She had this little goldish retro bench that she sat on while sewing and she’d scoot over so I could set next to her while she taught me how to create a proper seam.

Then in my teens, she explained everything about alterations and how to do them. When she passed, my mom and my 2 aunts made sure that I got that bench along with her Singer sewing machine and cabinet which I still cherish today! She was an incredibly amazing woman!

But First Coffee72

Laura:  You have “A Worthy Brand,” I can see that, but why do you feel your brand is worthy?

How do you remind yourself of your worth to continue building your business each day, how do you remind yourself, you are worth it?

Demechi: With the solutions offered you get invaluable information when it comes to personal style. In a world where we are inundated and influenced by media and society as a whole to be something we’re not all meant to be, I think it’s refreshing to find a more personal and authentic way to truly be ourselves both in life and our style.

Coco once said, ‘Fashion fades, only style remains the same.’ With that in mind, I want to help women find and create their own unique style.

Reminding myself of my worth comes from the women I work with and the excitement they experience.  I in turn get excited all over again and THAT is all the validation I need to keep building every day.

Laura: And last… if you could give new or struggling entrepreneurs one piece of advice, what would it be?

Demechi: I actually have 2, first, learn everything you can about running a business first and foremost! It will save you loads of stress and missteps.

Second, learn to be resilient!

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I wish I was as cool as Demechi!  What an awesome time this was getting to know the woman behind Silver Mane Consulting. 

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