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Jessica Jerrain, Founder & CEO Of Lovinity

Jessica Jerrain is the founder & CEO of Lovinity. She isn't just a "business owner" though & you'll understand what I mean when you read the interview below.

Laura: First things first, how do you like to be categorized or what would you like to be called, in regards to what you do?

Jessica: There are so many ways we can take this but I suppose Handmade Creative Entrepreneur. That doesn't sound quite profound but it gets to the point. Plus, Business Owner, Social Media Management, Handmade Crafter of Heart Made Home Decor and Accessories, Content Writer, Product Photography and Editor, Promotional Manager, Story Teller, Painter, Designer, Event Coordinator, Product Management, Customer Service, Mommy, Entrepreneur, Military Spouse doesn't quite have a sweet ring to it.

Laura: How did you first get started in the industry?

Jessica: I feel a lifetime of events lead me to this adventure. I am a suicide survivor and since then I've done a lot of work on my self discovery and growth. Always a work in progress, I knew that I wanted to somehow in someway reach out to others in need of a friend, and share my story on however many platforms I could reach. I had a love of creating and entertaining since I was a young girl. I had turned to the film industry as an outlet to reach out and make people smile but I knew I could dig deeper.

Lovinity was always in the back of my mind and a work in progress. At the time I wasn't sure what the name would become or what would manifest from the idea exactly but I knew it'd be my story all wrapped into one. The best part is that everything that I make, wooden signs, jewelry, tumblers, key chains, magnets and many other accessories - I never ever had once attempted to make these things until I said YES, lets do it.

Laura: What is one thing you want people to know about you, that they may not already know?

Jessica: I can eat a whole box of Girl Scout cookies like nobody's business. Get in my belly! Joking aside (because I love not being serious), I've been a dreamer since I was little and thinking of all the ways. I live my life with my heart on my sleeve. That sort of created a tougher skin as I got older but I will always be true to myself regardless and show vulnerability when I feel it is necessary.

I do what I say and I say what I mean. I try to live my life as genuine as possible because that's how I feel life should be lived. We are all here together, living in this crazy world that is rough around the edges. Inside, I believe we are all soft teddy bears that need some love all while being shown compassion. Everyday, I wake up with this vision of one day being able to share all the love I have to give on a professional level. My hopes and my dreams are BIG!

Laura: What do you struggle with most?

Jessica: When you are your own boss and are trying to run a successful business, struggles live on a fine line between personal life and professional. First and foremost, figuring out how to balance being an at home mommy to my daughter and son. With managing to somehow find creative inspiration while magically creating time to physically make all of these goodies and everything else in between is a challenge on it's own. Personally, I am struggling with the separation of our family, while my fiance is stationed away for a few more years. You hear stories about military families, and you think you can handle it, but it's definitely different once you are actually IN IT. I'm balancing this change, running the house, making sure the kiddos stay alive (totally kidding, but they sure keep you on your toes) and figuring out where my place in this life is once more.

All while keeping my sh*t together. Yeah, I said sh*t but it's the TRUTH and it's raw. I'm at a crossroad once more questioning all of it. Everyday business obstacles are wild and sometimes it's too much doing it alone. But my want for it to succeed far exceeds all else. I trust that with patience and timing it will all fall into place just as it's always been dreamed about. You'll have your days of major negative thinking, while trying to rattle it all out of your mind because we are what we think. And, I want to be positive because that is what Lovinity is all about! However, I do recognize that my mission and message is to be light, love and OPEN and honest about it all. It's real! 

Laura: Who influences or inspires you the most in regards to your industry?

Jessica: Other makers! I've found a tribe of AMAZING creative mostly female influences that keep me going. It's not a no boys allowed kind of club but I seem to have mostly flocked to the ladies up in here. During the times I feel no inspiration or pure exhaustion, we chat, we vent, we cry and then we laugh, saddle up and move on. It turns out we all have the same struggles and love for what we do, so it inspires me to strive. I want to grow up to be like all of them. Here's to strong women, may we be them, may we know them and may we raise them.

Oh, and then there's also me name dropping my girl Drew Barrymore, who has no idea I even exist! It wouldn't be a complete answer if I didn't get all weird up on that. Shes been my inspiration since I was a young girl. Now, she has her very own line of home decor. Pretty sure we were meant to be BFF's or at least somehow end up on her payroll and bump into her at the company Christmas party at the end of the year. Thank you very much.

Laura: What is your first or favorite jewelry memory?

Jessica: When I got to wear my moms pearl in a round bird cage necklace to prom back in my high school days. I felt like a million bucks! It was her moms (my Grandma Mickey Mouse's) necklace. She had passed away when I was about 5 so it was neat to wear that, I felt proud. I loved that thing. Years later my mom had matching ones made for both of us and I still have it to this day. .

Laura: I can list why I believe you are a "worthy woman" but I want to hear it from you. What makes you worthy?

Oh man, this question! This totally brings me back to the time where I found my passion for acting. I FINALLY had found my talent. Finally. Then when it came time to audition I needed to have a resume and besides listing your experience you had to also list what you were good at (your talents). I didn't audition for the longest time because all I could put in that area was 'acting'. Like, wasn't that enough?

Not only finding our self worth but BELIEVING it, is the hardest thing even in the midst of starting my very own business. I mean this alone makes me a worthy woman. Showing up everyday makes me worthy. Trying my best, whatever that may be, any given day makes me a worthy woman. Putting my whole heart into all of this with genuine intentions makes me worthy. Wanting to love on others to make sure no one feels alone makes me worthy.

Side note, what a cleansing question this is! My whole spirit is in this, all of me. What makes me a worthy woman? It's all of you! All of your support goes a million miles with this girl right here, and for this I say thank you.

Laura: And last...if you could tell your 13-year-old self one thing, what would you tell her?

Jessica: Find your self respect and treat yourself as you deserve mentally and physically. Hold onto that and never let go. With that you will find your worth and not ever allow others to reside in your life who are not worthy. You are in control of your happiness.

Photography By Jessica Jerrain

You can now understand what I mean by "more than a business owner." Jessica represents so many other working moms with a home based business who do it all.  A business owner wears many hats, but this girl right here? She's basically Wonder Woman minus the cape. You can follow her on Instagram at @iamlovinity & shop Lovinity on Etsy. 

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